Education, be it in a traditional classroom setting, online teaching or via the design of e-learning modules, is my vocation. I also write articles, essays, creative writings, give conferences and seminars, and I have worked with media such as magazines and radio stations.

I have more than 9 years of experience teaching. My classes are communicative, student-centered and 100% tailored to the context of the students.

Teaching a language is not only about grammar and vocabulary. My favourite methodology is the task-based approach. Through it, students use their knowledge of the world and their specific skills and competences in the learning process. Moreover, it helps students develop all competences as a whole, beyond linguistic competences, as well as enhance their learning skills.


Professional experience


What stands out about me?


I meet the agreed obligations and I do not back away from the results of the decisions made. I know that it is better to do things right from the start, and I answer for my mistakes. That reflects in my work and in the responsibilities I have been given in my career.


I do not let traditional labels limit my work or my students. An interdisciplinary approach allows me to use techniques, dynamics and materials from other fields in my teaching or learning materials, such as management methodologies or group dynamics.


I am always serious and devoted to my work, since my vocation is education and dissemination of knowledge. I plan and organise my work so as to be as efficient as possible, taking into account that rushing never has good consequences and knowing that a good job requires patience, steadfastedness and care.


Inventiveness is the true mental power, the one which allows people face and solve problems successfully. How to adapt a lesson to a specific group of students, how to resolve the dilemmas inescapably found in translations, how to approach a topic in an attractive and engaging manner, all depend on creativity.

Careful phrasing

As a philologist, I pay attention to words in order to achieve the writing that best matches the topic and the style. I revise all my texts and edit them until the language is satisfactory to the client as it is to me. In translations, I am faithful; in creative writing, I have my own voice.

New technologies

Technology is part of my lessons, as it is of our current lives. I do not need a digital whiteboard, since smartphones can become a learning tool. Online games, scavenger hunts, videos and social media - with the adequate guidance, all can be learning materials.


Other diplomas


What do other people say about me?


Laura Molina


“I have been having my writings translated by Leyre Villate from Spanish to English and I am pleased with her work. She has translated many different texts for me, from CVs to research papers. The quality of her translations has always been excellent thanks to her dedication, patience and eagerness to understand the texts in order to find the best translation possible.”

Prachi Gawkar

Prachi Gawkar

Spanish Language Expert

“I worked with Leyre for several months and she helped me improved my Spanish and my teaching methodology. Together we revised class and test materials. We even shared a group of students and we had a fantastic feedback.”


Mousumi Ghosh

Spanish Instructor

“I was a student of Leyre at the University of Calcutta for two years. He classes were dynamic, fun and focused on making us speak Spanish from day 1. Leyre created a positive atmosphere in the class and all students bonded very quickly.”

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